Nubank Conta page


Nubank is the biggest independent digital bank in the world, with +30 million customers, thanks to its purple credit card - a hit in Brazil. But they also offer a digital account with many features and facilities, and this product page was created to reflect the current account portfolio.

Design: Luiza Tagliatela
UX Writer: Kenya Ortiz
Engineering: Erika Takahara, Exuperio Silva

Page: Nubank.com.br/Conta

After a long discovery process with the design team, stakeholders and our customers, we came to the conclusion that this page had to be very informative. 

In order to build a fluid navigation, we developed a quick navigation tool fixed at the bottom of the page. We also created a carroussel to explain our many benefits and an interests calculator for people to see how much money they could make - considering that Nubank's account pays interest at 100% the Interbank Deposit Rate.


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