C6 Bank's Kick Saque


C6 Bank is a brazilian full-service digital bank for individual customers. They offer a full portfolio of financial services and seek innovation with products like C6 Kick.

Product Design: Luiza Tagliatela
Service Design: Nelson Vasconcelos
Product Manager: Ana Paula Saldanha

C6 Kick was a product inside C6 Bank's portfolio that allowed money transfer via phone number. To make that happen, the user had to generate a link to share in a messaging app, allowing the receiver to input the bank info for their preferable account and finish the transfer process.

Going one step further, C6 Kick decided to allow people withdrawal cash form ATMs, calling this project "Kick Saque". 



When I got into the project, the Service Designer in charge was about to start validating the idea with users. For that to happen, we developed Paper Prototypes and conducted User Testing Interviews to get perceptions and feedbacks.


Image credit: Nelson Vasconcelos

After validating the idea and iterating the flow, it was time for me to start creating wireframes and layouts. It was a really challenging process because it was a difficult feature to explain, having a lot of "ifs".

The idea behind the feature was to use the ATM "Withdraw code", which the receiver would generate after choosing between transfer money or withdraw cash; but for the money be compatible with Kick Saque the value should be multiple of 20 or 50 reais, which are the banknotes available at an ATM.

After some weeks of designing and running co-design and design critiques sessions, we got some flows and layouts we believed could work:

Sending a C6 Kick saque


Receiving a C6 Kick Saque


Finding ATMs near me


Next steps:

The next steps were to validate with our users once again, running another batch of User Interviews and Usability Tests to iterate our solution. But, unfortunately that didn't happen.

As we designed the solutions, some red flags appeared, such as:

- Are we solving any customer pains?
- Is this feature worth the development price?
- If a feature is hard for us to explain and for the user to understand, what are the chances of working?

That's when we decided to say goodbye. While Kick was an awesome product in terms of innovation our metrics of use were pretty low - and this new feature was faded to failure.


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