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Nubank is the biggest independent digital bank in the world, with +35 million customers, thanks to its purple credit card - a hit in Brazil. But they also offer a digital account with many features and facilities.

Design: Luiza Tagliatela
UX Writer: Kenya Ortiz
Engineering: Erika Takahara, Exuperio Silva


Nubank's digital account, was launched by the end of 2017. It was a basic account with not many features, but two differentials:

1. Bank transfers were free for any bank;
2. All money deposited would immediately starts paying interest of 100% Interbank Deposit Rate, having better returns than a savings account.

3 years later the account had grown a lot, with many new features and benefits – and our website page was still pretty old and not reflecting that. – But the creation of Instant Payments by Brazil's Central Bank was the last strike; with this new method every bank would have free money transfer, and it would be instant, 24/7.


After a long discovery process with our users and stakeholders, we came to the conclusion that this page had to be very informative to reflect all of the new features and benefits of the account. We should also start positioning our account as a "financial hub" and work on trust factors to show that Nubank is safe.


We needed a way to find a way of showing the page content to help people find information and be able to see all the new benefits and page content. For that, we developed a quick navigation tool fixed at the bottom of the page. We also created a carousel to explain our many benefits.

The page underwent an A/B test for two weeks so that we could monitor the differences between the old and new page. We were able to increase our applications and activation rates – People were not only applying more, but also actually using Nubank's digital account.

It also provided us a lot of learnings and insights to run other tests on our webpages.


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