Nubank MGM


Nubank is the biggest independent digital bank in the world, with +35 million customers. One of our main application page is the Member Get Member landing page.

Design: Luiza Tagliatela, Helio Costa
UX Writer: Kenya Ortiz
Product: João Cunha, Luisa Coutinho
Engineering: Vitor Talaia, Exuperio Silva, Eduarda Scharnhorst

After running UX analysis and researches, we understood we had the possibility improve our MGM landing page: It wasn't as clear and direct as it could be, and we could give more information and details about our products and our company.

With that in mind, we started a re-design process combining user reaserch and business view, which resulted in a brand new layout for testing. Unfortunatelly our conversion rate had a small drop with this new proposal, leading us to keep the old page live and create new hypothesis and test proposals.


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