Nubank MGM Landing Page


Nubank is the biggest independent digital bank in the world, with +35 million customers. One of our main application page is the Member Get Member landing page.

Design: Luiza Tagliatela, Helio Costa
UX Writer: Kenya Ortiz
Product: João Cunha, Luisa Coutinho

We knew that the MGM landing page was our page with the higher conversion rate, but how could we reach its full potential? – To answer this question we decided to start investigating a little further. This discovery was divided in 3 main streams: UX analysis, Quantitative research and Gathering of past learnings.


After this process we understood that the MGM page wasn't as clear and direct as it could be, and we could give more information and details about our products and our company.

With that in mind, we started a re-design process combining user reaserch data and business view, which resulted in a brand new layout for testing.


This new layout underwent A/B testing, but unfortunatelly we had a small drop in our conversion rate. The difference was less than 0.7%, so we decided to investigate the reasons behind it – We couldn't find a clear reason in our analysis, but further tests helped us understant that having a table of fees inside our landing pages can decrease our conversion rate.

We also had the hypothesis that users of variant B experienced a worse performance on the page, as Google Optimize provides some flickering during the redirect. We ran another test where the new page was the control variant, in order to measure the effects of performance on conversion rate, but the results were the same.


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