Reciclamos, UX case


Reciclamos is an UX case developed during a hiring process. It was developed in a timeframe of 7 days, to demonstrate how I think and solve design problems.

The challenge

The cooperative "Cidade mais Limpa" has been trying to create an awareness project about the importance of recycling, helping people to understand how to recycle and the impact of it. Develop a proposal for a product or service that helps the cooperative on this mission."​​​​​​​

After a long process of ideating and benchmarking, I had a description of what I wanted my product to be: "Reciclamos" is an app that seeks to teach and raise awareness about the importance of recycling using gamification.


01. Discovery

After reading the challenge I had a lot of questions inside my head, so I started searching for more information about the data.

​☞ First, I looked up for more informations about the cooperative
☞ Then, I started studying the relationship of Brazilians and waste, in order to get more data on education, volume, recycling, etc
☞ And then, I browsed some information about how other countries were dealing with the same protocole.

By the end of the researches I had a lot of problems to work on. I started writing it all on sticky notes to get a better vision of what I was dealing with and how to focus on a solution.


Qualitative research

Considering the timeframe I only talked to 5 people, but from different locations (Aracaju, São Paulo, São Bernardo, Lençóis Paulista, Londrina), in order to get different experiences.

I wanted to understand their daily routine and I explored some information to get to know if they use to recycle, why they don’t/do it, if they know how recycling works, if they know what happens after they discard their garbage, what is the biggest problem that wrong discarding can cause, and finally, what would stimulate them to start recycling.

With the data from the interviews, I was able to create an empathy map and brainstorm business solutions.


02. Ideation

After I had the Empathy Map, I started designing a Value Proposition Canvas to help me ideate a solution for the problem I was facing. It helped me create a definition for the product I was going to create.


After a long process of ideating and benchmarking, I had a description of what I wanted my product to be:

- Reciclamos is an app that seeks to teach and raise awareness about the importance of recycling.

- Its dynamic is to understand the user’s habits and send them information and personalised tips at the preferred time of the day.

- The app also works as a search engine, providing information about the ideal disposal for each product; a calendar that reminds about the garbage collection days; and a map that helps the user to find collection spots.

- The user gets points for interacting with the app (while searching or answering questions).

- With these points you can get discount coupons for food delivery apps, and also a ranking to see the score of friends and neighbours.

03. Design

At this time I start ideating and designing the Mobile App. At first, I mapped everything I thought it should have and created “Storyframes”, describing what I wanted the screens to “tell”. Using the Storyframes, I started to translate the words to screens to see if the idea was viable and to find the mistakes and inconsistencies.


After having a better vision of the app with the Wireframes design, I started to develop the layout and prototype it. At this time I found some problems with the drafts and had to make a lot of iterations while designing and testing.

04. The App


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