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Being part of Nubank's Application & Webplatform squad, one of my roles is to find ways to increase the acquisition of new customers. This project shows a bit of the improvements inside our Web Applications flow. 

Design: Luiza Tagliatela, Helio Costa
Product: João Cunha, Luisa Coutinho
BA: Fernanda Monsó

When I started working in Nubank, in March 2020, our main acquisition page was the Paid Marketing Landing Page, which was a great channel for experimentations and CRO improvements. At that time, the page hero looked like this:


In this layout, people would have to perceive the existence of a CTA and click in order to start our application flow, which we knew was a problem considering user interview insights.

After conducting some research and ideation, we had a thought: what if we place the whole application form inside the hero and see what happens? - and that's what we did.
We ran an A/B test showing the Control version versus a hero we called "Open Form".


The Open Form version was the winner by far: we could see a pretty big increase in conversion rates for both desktop and mobile.

But as a designer I was not satisfied with our layout proposal: It was too much information for the first glance, the layout was polluted and we wouldn't be able to test new hero formats considering the size of the form. That's when we came up with a second idea called "Short Form".

The hypothesis behind Short Form was that, applying principles of progressive disclosure, we could keep the visual hint for people to perceive the existence of the form, but not overwhelm them with all the details at the same time.


The Short Form version was another big win: we could see another huge increase in our conversion rate.
It also brought us some new hypothesis on what to test next. You can see the Short Form in action by checking the Landing Page - or maybe see another test running, who knows.


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